Thursday, March 6, 2008

Healthy Dog Treats: Because We Love Our Best Friend!

Most of us people love taking care of pets such as cats, birds and puppies. But the most took cared animals in this planet, as we all know, is our best friend – the dogs! We treat them as if they are humans too. We teach them of different tricks, on how to eat properly, how to use the toilet and even the most impossible, teaching them how to count!

Healthy Dog Treats Are A Very Nice Prize

Healthy dog treats are nice prize if you are training or teaching your dog. Not only is it brilliant to create a pleasurable experience for your dog, some kinds of treats can help your dog stay healthy.

Salt Water Fish Tank: Ease of Keeping Salt Water Fish at Home

The ocean is the vastest of all the water bodies. It’s the home to millions of species – playful, colorful, savage and awe-inspiring. The array of fish, their colors, playful lives – part mystery and part comprehensible, ignites a desire to have them close at home. The idea of a salt-water fish tank is the solution.

Cat Lover Gifts

Several great cat lover gifts include basic items that a cat can't live without, including a comfy, cozy place to sleep and a fun and entertaining scratching post.

Buying Your First Tropical Fish

Whenever you start a new hobby it is very tempting to try to get everything at once. It can be also be easy to buy whatever the store clerk tells you is the right thing, especially as you are probably keen to get started. But if you are setting up your first fish tank and buying your first fish, then it is a good idea to think what you really want and what may be suitable for you before you buy.

Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Nothing beats a kitten for fun. But the feline "wonder years" can also be the most frustrating and dangerous time in your kitten's life. Do not let his sweet, innocent face fool you. Behind those twinkling bright eyes is a mind brimful of curiosity, and the boundless energy to try and satisfy it.

Helpful Tips Before Getting A Cat

Before you look for a new cat, know what you are getting into. Despite their reputation for being aloof, cats are not animals that you can ignore. Unless your are prepared to spend time with them, do not get one. If you have never owned cats, you may not realize that they do certain cat things and need certain cat things.

3 Basic Tips For Better Handling Of Your Dog

Dog Training has been taught by many different schools of thought. Teaching your dog new tricks and handling obedience training takes both dedication and patience. It also takes a sense of skill and personal awareness of not only your dog's actions, but your own body language and training practices as well.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Dog Trainer

What makes a great Dog Trainer? If an individual is to judge how each and every dog is to be handled in a training class, he must possess the experience and the expertise.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Herding Group

A breed is defined as a group of certain species that have common ancestors and have certain distinguishable traits and characteristics. Before you get a new puppy, you have to consider a breed that will fit your lifestyle and environment.

Does Your Dog Pee Every Time You Arrive Home? A Quick Fix To Urine-Greeting

Does your dog urinate every time you greet him? And does he splash pea all over the place when confronting other people and other dogs?

Clicker Training: What Is So Special About Using A Clicker To Train My Dog?

Using a clicker to train your dog is an extremely rewarding and fun approach to dog training. And most importantly, it works! This simple little training aid will go a long way to encouraging positive behavior and instituting obedience as well as tricks into your dog's life.

Buying A New Puppy: Should You Choose A Newborn Or A Matured Puppy?

Are you planning on getting a new-born puppy or perhaps one that has aged just a bit? If you want a young puppy, wait until he is at least 8 weeks old.

Breed-Rescue Volunteers & The Wonderful Work They Do

Homeless dogs have been an epidemic that has grown out of proportion over the last 20 or 30 years. However, there has been one very positive change when it comes to handling dogs that have no home ...

Bathing Your Dog: 3 Simple Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity

When giving your dog a bath, do you want to have a pleasant experience or do you want to get frustrated like most dog owners do when they do not adequately prepare?

Adorable Puppies: How To Manage Your Attention-Seeking Puppy

Puppies love attention. They crave for it, they cry for it, and when they get it, they will do anything to keep that attention focused on them. Your puppy does not care if the attention that you are giving him is in response to something positive or something negative.

Adopting A Shelter Dog: Learn The Most Common Behavioral Problem You May Face

If you have recently adopted a shelter dog or are considering doing so than this article is for you. One of the most common behavioral problems that you will experience when bringing home a shelter dog is extreme hyperactivity.

8 Signs That Your Dog Is Suffering From Heat Exhaustion

During the hot summer months, your dog probably enjoys long walks outside, jumping in and out of the local pond or ocean coast, or just simply hanging around the yard. It is a fun time and because the weather is so nice most dogs prefer to be outside where all of the excitement is at!

3 Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Scent-Marking His Territory

Dogs must mark their territory - it's just the way it is! And for a dog there is no better way they like to communicate to the world and announce “Hey, I'm Here, Smell My Scent!”

Dog Leash Training Tip: Use A Diversion To Keep Your Dog's Attention

Dogs and puppies do not take to the leash as naturally as you may think. In the beginning part of leash training your toughest job as a dog owner is to teach your puppy that you are to be the center of attention instead of everything else that's going on around her.

Dog Leash Training: Teaching Your Dog The Let's Go Command

There are many things that you'll have to get used to as a new puppy owner, especially when it comes to training your puppy with the basics. Are you up for the challenge?

Dog Intelligence: Learn Why Adult Dogs Can Lose Up To 25% Of Their Brain Mass

After only seven weeks of being alive, a puppy's brain and response patterns are almost identical to that of an adult dog's brain. This statistic is recorded using an EEG.

Dog Health Care: 4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Taking Care Of Your Dog

Owning a dog is the equivalent to having a child and he deserves the absolute best in veterinarian health care that you can

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Working Group

As the name states, these dogs were developed to perform specific tasks to aid humans. They are large, strong, and brave. Most are very dominant and territorial. They require a confident owner with strong leadership skills.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Toy Group

Most, if not all dogs in this group, are bred to be lapdogs and companion dogs. Many of them are miniaturized versions of hunting or working dogs. They are very small compared to other breeds.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Terrier Group

If there is one word to describe a terrier, that word would be “driven.” Breeds in this group are tough, sturdy, and courageous. They are determined, confident, and very independent.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Sporting Group

If you are an active person who loves the outdoors and enjoys a good run on the beach, you will find that a dog breed from the sporting group the perfect outdoor companion.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Non-Sporting Groups

Dogs that are placed in this group were originally developed for a specific task. However, because man does not rely on these dogs anymore for work that used to be assigned to them, these breeds are mainly kept as a family pet and companion.

Dog Breeds: Understanding The Hound Group

Dogs in this group loves to chase fast-moving objects, which makes them the number one choice for a hunting companion. There are three groups of dogs that fall under the hound group – the scenthounds, the sighthounds, and the large-game hounds.

Dog Training Tools

This article will give you a list of the basic tools you need to train your dog. If you have decided to take on the task of training your new puppy yourself you should know what kind of dog training tools you need and what they are used for.

Dog Training Techniques

This article will look at each technique in more detail to help you decide which training technique is right for you and your dog. Training your dog is very important if you want to have a well behaved dog.

Dog Training Hand Signals

When you are training your dog to respond to your verbal commands, you can train him to respond to hand signals also. These can be learned in conjuction with the verbal commands and can be very usual in certain situations. There are a few common hand signals that you can teach your dog.

Dog Health Problems

This article will list just a few of the health problems your dog can develop. People tend to think that dogs can have only a few health problems in their lifetime and that these problems are specific to dogs.

Dog Health Food

This article will give you information on how to choose a healthy food for your dog. With the recent events surrounding the tainted dog food found in the grocery stores, more and more people are becoming concerned about the food they feed their dog.